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Saint-Petersburg / Russia


The clothes production means art


We catch bits of inspiration directly from Dreamland and draw energy upon uncountable universes for the sake of creating for you The True Magic entitled Fanatomica. 

Engineering the clothes we do our best to turn you visual experience with our stuff into the real sensation of touching the Unknown. There is a small hidden story within the every detail of our design and you have an opportunity to reveal, feel and go deep into it.

Our artists compose complicated sandwich designs thoroughly formed for the specific fabric. We mean to create the clothes so in the beginning we think how pattern lead the design. Fanatomica is not only a weave that was cut and had been sewn. It is not the ready-to-wear clothes with applied print. Fanatomica is a prepared in advance pattern with the design printed over the whole fabric. 


We pay attention to «transformative» effects of our clothes. The main idea is to use design with proper geometry structure in a particular way that ornaments and details of picture will make a customer look better in our stuff – hide belly, widen shoulders and so on. Our brand name «Fanatomica» reflects the principle of shape correction by means of visual effects. Above all we keep in focus anatomical effects of the design and as well we create colourful stuff for those who loves music, dance, festivals, parties, trips and Fun! That’s the way Fanatomica was born.  

Choosing the material for our clothes is not a thrivial task. We are constantly seeking for modern technological fabrics and methods of production. Our light and soft fabric let you move freely, be active, sleep well and enjoy the life.  

Want to get a piece of happinness and magic? Join us!

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